Still working


I’m about halfway done. Trying to vary overall size and density of wire pieces. This is tedious work, but I am enjoying watching it come together.

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  1. vzaroff
    March 29, 2014

    I love it! The more you have there, the more difficult it is to know where one ends and the other begins.

  2. Mary Ellen Hannibal
    March 29, 2014

    I was just out in the tidepool at Slide Ranch yesterday where these honeycomb tube worms congregate together on rock, eventually cementing themselves together and looking like one big thing — their openings are like these here and the sense of continuity and infinity. Your work is also having me free associate to this issue of spatial density of a species in a given area. Emeritus prof. telling me that the typical way you do a transect is to mark your plot, then put down markers and then you count what’s at the marker. But he said lots of species will be more sparsely distributed in a space and your markers could miss most of them; he thinks it’s better to make smaller plots and count every individual of species you are after. Just the provocation of how we grapple with nature’s strategies… you artists, doing it, right on!

    • Diane
      March 29, 2014

      Thank you for you thoughtful and intriguing comment. I want to see the fusible worms!   Diane Foug 


  3. Toni Schneider
    March 29, 2014

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  4. Matt
    April 15, 2014

    Oh neat. It reminds me a bit of a piece I saw at a store in New York:

    The shadows on this are going to be so cool.