Light, Material and Space

Diane Foug’s work pushes the materials and processes by which it is made into the foreground rather than neatly behind the scenes. It is rooted in exploration of the innate raw expressive properties of materials and the building process. Diane used the abstract visual languages employed in weaving and building design to create large scale rhythmic structures that employ freewheeling use of materials and construction techniques. These works are built from hundreds of pieces of wood joined in aggregate with generous amounts of pigmented glues. The result is work that exploits both the properties of regularity and pattern found in weaving and architecture and the irregularities and surprises which emerge as the piece takes shape–the form emerges from the process itself. Diane borrowed the stretchy-ness, motion, texture and color from weaving, and used architectural materials, tools, structure and scale to create large work that impacts the sense of space while retaining the idiosyncratic qualities of a much smaller handcrafted swatch of fabric.