Meet the clumps

I made this piece out of black sheet rubber a long time ago. It became known around the house as the Tim Burton Wedding Bouquet. It is very detailed but contained, allowing an exploration of energy and chaos within a set form.

This is an ottoman made out of recycled flip-flops. I did not make this, but have forgotten where I bought it. It has the same kind of form and energy.

This a stapled mylar piece. Because it is clear, it seems to be more of a distortion field than an object itself, although it shares the same basic form and energy of the examples above. I am still working on this, but liked that it is a bundle of energy you could easily walk right by without noticing. Depending on the light and the surroundings, different aspects of the piece are dominant; the staples or the linear edge of the mylar or the light bouncing around on the curves.

On a ping pong table

In our entry wayOn a black chair

Detail on black and white

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17 thoughts on “Meet the clumps

  1. The mylar is wonderful, especially the final shot. “The Tim Burton Wedding Bouquet” made me laugh aloud–it’s the perfect title for the perfect piece to be such. I love your mind as revealed in the creativity of the work. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Looking at your conclusions and their implied process has taught me something of the nature of these materials.

    Besides that, they just look fun.

    Thanks to you, awesome.

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